The British are Coming!

Sally Chopping is a British comedian in Pittsburgh who is on a mission to reclaim the colonies for the Queen. When Sally gave a speech for Toyota in Lexington, the Governor of Kentucky was so impressed that she made Sally an Honorary Kentucky Colonel. Now Sally is ready to rally the troops and get America back under British rule.

Sally makes fun of the English language, the Royal family and the dreadful difficulties of being British in America. She also makes fun of everybody she has ever dated but please don’t tell Pat. Her comedy is completely original and so clean that a Catholic Convent in Pittsburgh invited her to entertain the Nuns at Easter. She has taught humor classes at Point Park University and won the Toastmaster International Humorous speech contest twice.

In her proper day job Sally is a professional public speaking coach and educator. She gives keynote speeches and classes about how to improve public speaking skills, listening skills and how to use humor for stress relief. Her clients include Toyota Motor Corporation, Comcast, Sysco, the Air National Guard, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many others. Her advice about how to improve presentation skills has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette quoted her as saying: “Public speaking is more fun than sex.” After that she got emails from dating agencies saying she needed help! After twenty years in Pittsburgh Sally still sounds like Mary Poppins. If you hire her for your corporate event everyone will congratulate you for persuading her to fly in from Buckingham Palace and tell you that Sally’s comedy is just their cuppa tea!